Roland DJ-70 staff display

Here's a curious find within DJ-70 rom. No idea how (and if) it can be called up on the display, since I don't have that keyboard.

Just thought you might find this interesting!

Roland DJ-70 staff display
  • Here's non-resized version
    Six pictures for 240x64 display

    Nicola Calo'
    Luigi Ferrari
    Roberto Giobbi
    Manrico Sbaffoni
    Bruno Censori

These pictures can be found at $68000 in the DJ-70 mk1 v1.01 rom.

I have a long habit (well, since mid 90's) to look for all kinds of fun stuff, and for graphic things also fonts and graphic data inside all possible (and impossible) roms. Perhaps I should eventually make a page with tons of all other other grabbed/extracted animation and graphics.