Special Thanks

Huge thanks go to all of the incredibly fantastic girls and guys who have contributed, donated, recycled, shared or otherwise presented me with gear, synthesizers, acoustic instruments, printed circuit boards, electronic parts, rusty trash (that turn out to be fantastic sound sources), schematics, top secret info and whatever else there ever was! I will try to do some special thanks list here with all of you - the fantastic people.


Here are some of my friends, collaborators or projects I do participate (or have participated) in. Most of these are definitely worth checking.

www.ericasynths.lv - fantastic analog synthesizer modules and other great stuff. These things sound and work absolutely brilliant. If you are serious about analog vintage  synthesis, you do have plenty of those in your analog wall. And a lot more of great stuff is coming soon!

www.whitecat.lv - cats are known for their pedantic approach to keeping clean and killing. Yet this one has noting to do with it. Nice commercial printed material and website solutions.

www.ineseverina.com - world might have been a better place if there were more such a creative people among it's female population.

www.my-nemesis.com - Nemesis Technology is a developer of very nice tiny audio multi-effects solutions, and is founded by a man who's expertise was inspiration-wise highly influential in my technical life. If you have been in a studio with racks of serious 90-ties gear, you have definitely heard sound of his effects algorithms (No I will not reveal the brand here:).

www.karikatura.lv - a genius gag cartoon artist that has quite a unique character style, and is widely recognized here in Latvia.

www.estoniapiano.com - Absolutely fantastic pianos. Exquisite dark, soft and delicate sound, action and touch. An absolute must have.

www.virtualdub.org - If you are serious about video filming or just creating yet another high quality rip for the torrenters, this program is definitely an essential part of the toolchain. Already a user? Then become a part of virtualdub community by joining us in developer forum, and help improve it! Viva la Open Source.

www.freepascal.org - Concepts of ancient Algol are still alive (unlike Elvis), yet among a rather narrow programmer community. Still it the best pascal you can ever find, it's still growing and improving and available for all platforms ever imaginable, and it's Open Source and free as well. If you are a leet fpc coder, then be among FPC developers as well.

www.nekapersoniga.lv - Journalists research and dig deep in the pile of... well... a mess that the Latvia currently has drown in. Mainly political. (in Latvian)
(Main website seems permanently down; here's their page under TV3: www.tv3.lv/nekapersoniga)

www.multimediaware.com - While it's too bad that dos is becoming extinct, it doesn't mean you need to dump your old dos computer (especially if it's a powerful one with sb16, svga and 32bit cpu >200MHz) - just copy the tiny quickview program into it and make it nice a video player.

www.ruskeys.net - a unique museum of all soviet synthesizers there have ever been. Never thought there were so many, as any of those were not normally available to buy. Generally all those are amazing reverse engineered copies of popular Japanese synthesizers packed in weird cases with bizarre names.

www.vienadiena.lv - Some info about the "One Day in Latvia" exhibitions and the movie.
(Website seems permanently down; so here's Wayback snapshot)

members.home.nl/c.kersten/ - excellent resource on waveblaster-compatible boards by Chiel Kersten. Chiel is a good guy from Netherlands that you can trust. Thanks for the Sound Canvas module once again!

web.zone.ee/nevidannoekino/ and www.enff.eu - Annual international short film festival "The Unprecedented Cinema" in Estonia.



Erica Synths Mult-Art Ludoo resnais putns
Inese Vēriņa, māksliniece Estonia Pianos DreamTech Technologies
Soundium, mūzikas instrumentu veikals Tava Skaņa, mūzikas instrumentu veikals Sound Factory mūzikas instrumentu veikals
Museum of Soviet SynthesizersEnnenägematu Film, Невиданное Кино, The Unprecedented Cinema nekā personīga greenscreen
VirtualDub color cube FreePascal cheetah Gatis Šļūka karikatūra

Bonus: Bildes no 12.augusta (2009) Kino Centra un kino draugu pasakuma