A unique masterpiece from ye olden 1993!
Jon Burton's design and programming, Andy Ingram's unique style of artwork and Matt Furniss music - absolutely magical combination.

Since I didn't see anything of the level layout extraction done anywhere on the net - here, I did it for you!
And also because most resources in Puggsy are generally in the same formats as in their other titles, I could use the same custom tool as for Mickey Mania.

I don't realy have any time editing articles anywhere else, barely any sometimes to do them here, so if you happen to be proficient in editing TCRF articles, feel free to skim whatever is useful from here to put there.

Level artwork assets

Here's the files - rendered out as they are in the cartridge data: decompressed, level maps into macrotile mappings into tiles into rendered image.
PNGs are 256 color (with up to 64 used, but actually only 16 colors are used for the most part: separate 16 for level and 16 for fore/background) with the proper palettes, but not adjusted into visually~measured exact colors as the VDP outputs. Priority bit is not yet used here, but I'll probably incorporate it as separate renderouts with only priority graphics (useful for spotting what is there and also toy around making functional mockups of the levels by layering the priority image over the normal one) or assign palette entries 64..127 for the priority graphics (so that visually images are the same, but retain the possibility of treating priority graphics separately).

There are some with alternate palettes:
‣ All level renders are full size, exactly as they are in cart. You can trim those to your heart's content if you want only the used spots.
‣ And of course, all of these level layouts are free of any sprite-objects or live animated stuff (including the finish portal), so we can see everything just the way as it is initially.
‣ In some levels we can see covered over deleted parts of some stuff or the original level it was based on, for example darkskullcastle_0269 was obviously based on darkskullcastle_0251.


Stuff below this line is still unchanged from the Mickey Mania page, so here take a Pirate Ship, Raclantis Maze and some Palm trees for now!
I've got the files done, but it will take some time to put them here. Check back in a while.

Mickey Mania Dungeon1

Level design assets

Mickey Mania moosehunt background

Level background and foreground assets

MickeyMania Ghost House 3d wall unprojected

Other related stuff