Casio Loopy game console

Strangely enough, there's no in-depth details or basically any technical stuff on the majestic Casio Loopy video game console. At least at to the year of writing this (that is 2018 already) not that many seem to have been able to poke inside of this magnificent beast.

Ok, ok, perhaps it's because almost no one is interested in it, despite abundancy of consoles all over japan, and it is galaxies away from being magnificent or majestic. Or even particulary good.

Still, since it is one of the very few actually released and finished game platforms, that after more than twenty years of existence still has not even a single bootleg pron hackware for it, or just some slick demo or intro... I am immensly interested in remedying that horrible injustice.

If you have any components, remnants, or, better yet, a working console and don't relay miss it, I'd be happy to get that thing from you for a proper dig through. Also, cludging up a flashcart (since noone seems to have do so so far) or connecting it up to a nifty romultation-analisys toolset then would be an appropriate endeavor.

Even more probably, within just a few minutes, I'd make it into a standalone MIDI synthesizer - without any cartridge at all! How's this possible? Read on.

Loopy innards

Sadly, there's basically no info about loopy's innards you can find on the web, apart from one placeholder cpp source file for distant future mame support of it. And it has the almost info there is. Due to my focus on the sound side of the things,

Key numbers in t

casio loopy

As the the frequency gets higher

Page currently under construction. At some point there will be some roms and original sample bank in the wav set form which I've done a some time ago and can't find right now.