Edward d-tech Eduards Čipots


Hello and welcome to my website,

I am a multi-instrumentalist, professional music composer and a teacher in Latvian Academy of Arts. I have done quite a few pieces of music, narration, recordings, foley and voice acting for motion picture soundtrack, as well as for animation.


What I can do for You

  • Complex score composing for motion picture and animation production
  • Music composing for short films, commercials, bumpers, jingles and idents
  • Quality voice-over, voice acting, narration for films, bumpers, commercials and trailers
  • Foley recording and unique synthesized effects creation
  • Record high detail stereo ambience of almost any indoor or outdoor location
  • Rigorous final product audio track polishing and mastering
  • High detail midi mock up of orchestral scores
  • Game and toy music and composing and tool creation for constrained environments
  • Retro-computing game/demoscene music using appropriate tools and computers
  • Demo song composition and arrangement for electronic musical instruments, utilizing all hardware resources and showcasing any required features
  • Provide a private lesson or join production team to help obtain a high quality final product.

I am an owner of a massive MIDI-centric studio, with well over a hundred synthesizers and modules, over a twenty vintage analog synthesizers, hundreds of costumized toys and noise sources, as well as a plenty of acoustic instruments, such as african and latin percussion, variety of ethnic woodwind instruments, accordion, melodica and other.

I use custom software and hardware tools for audio mastering and effects processing, analysis and (re)synthesis.

Besides being a synth and DSP zealot, I am a professional electronics digital radio communication equipment engineer and software developer. As much as a spare time will allow me, I will try to share my knowledge in these fields by writing articles and posting them here on my website.

Although it's a rare occasion, I sometimes do attend events to give live performance, playing mainly on various midi gear. I usually play back to back with a vinyl dj of my choice. I always create some new, conceptually tied, special track for every event I attend.

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